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A club to support the worried little ray of sunshine from the Sonic series, Cream the rabbit! (And her chao Cheese too!)

From here on (4/21/16) this will be a very active club again. Please join us if you love the little cutie that is Cream!
Founded 13 Years ago
Jul 30, 2003


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Fan Club

76 Members
291 Watchers
32,617 Pageviews
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-:- C O N T E S T -:-

The first thing that this place needs to attract active members of the DA community, is an attractive icon. I’m not saying that the old icon isn’t attractive… I’m just saying that we’re still running off of the icon that we had before the groups system was even introduced! O_O

I don’t know if you realize how long ago that was… I certainly do.

And now, I want to change it. Sure, I could make something myself pretty quick, but I want to see what you, the members of the club, want to see representing you!

So come on! Let’s get started already!

~:~ RULES ~:~

NO negativity. This club is a positive place.
NO nudity/unacceptable content. We all know what an icon should and shouldn’t have in it.


Some of you might remember the contest system that I was starting to implement before. Well, I still like it.

The first two weeks (normally), I want you to concentrate on working on your piece! The third week is when I will start accepting submissions. At the end of week four, that is May 30th at MIDNIGHT, I will close the folder and accept no more submissions.

The week after that, voting happens, which is why I would like to be a super group. Then I could just use a poll to tally votes. But this way, I’ll have to use a NOTE system. I like it to be anonymous for the contestants, so voting on the contest journal will be FORBIDDEN.

~:~ DATES ~:~

:iconlovegreenplz: 4/23/2016 - 5/15/2016
:iconloveyellowplz: 5/16/2016 - 5/22/2016
:iconloveredplz: 5/23/2016 - 5/30/2016
:iconlovepurpleplz: 5/31/2016 - 6/6/2016

~:~ PRIZES ~:~

There will only be TWO places, unless we get an outstanding amount of submissions.

1st place gets: 20 points, a fully done request from WanderingKarias, and a sketch request from minieverfeel

2nd place gets: 10 points, and a fully done request from minieverfeel

I expect some awesome submissions!
-:- BIG NEWS -:-

Alright!  I'm making some headway on the club here, and I want to make sure that everyone is aware of what's going on!

The very first EVENT should be starting up at the beginning of May!

What does this mean for you?  Well, this will be a submission/general participation event.  I can't go into detail right now, but the event journal will cover everything when the time comes, and I'll even be sending out a newsletter (read: Note) to make sure you know how it works!

I hope that it will prove successful, as I intend to have many more!


-:- NEWS -:-


We are still under construction, though some of you have noticed(I'm sure), I have gotten a lot done in the past week.  There's still a lot to do though, and I hope you'll all be happy with the results when I am finished.  

The folder system in the gallery has been implemented, as well as the contest system that I'm still pretty proud of.  (I like this sort of organization, hush! XD)  I'm working on a set of fun/art-preserving rules to keep this club as friendly as Cream would want it.  No, there won't be anything too restrictive in them.  I find that, when rules are restrictive, they are seldom followed and are generally treated with contempt.  That's not what I want here, so that's not what I'll promote.  

I'm also working on prizes for the points system.  These prizes could potentially cost me real money, so the amounts of points might seem kind of outrageous for some things.  (For example, a 3-month core membership will be one of the prizes.  That's $15 a pop, so i can't make it too easy to get, right?)  These 'prices' aren't as outrageous as you might think.  They will be designed to keep me from spending an entire check on prizes.  They will be designed so that you will have to work for them.  You will have to be very active to get some of them, and extremely active to get others.  

At the same time, there will be some that are far easier to obtain, or no one would participate.

I'm also working on a comprehensive list of things that will earn you points in the first place.  There are a wide variety of actions that will earn points, but I haven't yet been able to define some of them in the way that I want.  For example, participation (this means entering a piece) in a contest is worth an automatic 30-50 points (this has yet to be determined, based on points prizes).  Voting on a contest will earn you 10 points.  Submitting a deviation to the club is worth anywhere from 3-8 points.  Writing is always worth 5 at least, 10 if it's a longer piece.  Commenting on journals will ultimately be worth something.  

I digress.  Anyway, these are the things that I am working on for all of you right now.  

I hope to have something significant posted within the week, and I myself am going to start work right now on a piece for the gallery.

Have a good day/evening, depending on your time zone!



Construction is still going on in the following areas of the club:

- Revamp of club rules
- Contest rules
- New club-wide EVENTS
- Planned SUPER status (this will be more like a month from now.  I need money for this. XD)
- Journal topper contest will go up
-Prizes for the points system
- More. I haven't discovered other things that are needed yet.


Like I said last time(shudder), I want this to be an active and loving community.  If that means that I have to spend money to make us look more official to get more active members, I will do it!  I want EVERYONE HERE to help me advertise the club!  I want more Cream-loving members, and I want more Sonic-loving members!

As I said before, I have also made a new group for everyone who loves ANYTHING Sonic related.  The group is Sonic-Omega, if you'd like to join.  I plan the same type of environment for that group.

ANYWAY, this is what I have planned currently.  Please, give suggestions for other things you'd like to see happen in this group.  I LOVE YOUR INPUT.  I NEED YOUR INPUT.

-:- CONTEST -:-

:iconlovegreenplz: 4/23/2016 - 5/15/2016

-:- EVENT -:-
I am hard at work coming up with this!  Please be patient a little longer!

1. :iconmsp169: 74
2. :icontoad900: 70
3. :iconp-manwag: 37
4. :iconeli-j-brony: 31
5. :iconcrazycartoons5488: 30


1. :iconminieverfeel:
2. :icontigerlillyzoey:
3. :icondylanthabandicoot016:
4. :icondrgaster:
5. :iconzorray:

Please give them all a warm welcome!

Thank you for your participation!
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